Windshield Repair Or Replacement? Deciding Which Is Best For You

Posted on: 18 May 2017

Do you own a vehicle with a damaged windshield? Have you been trying to decide whether the windshield needs to be replaced or if you can have it repaired? As you probably already know, a damaged windshield can not only impair your visibility but it can also result in a ticket. Repairs are possible for some types of damage but not for others, so deciding which is which can save you time and money. Here are some tips that can help you decide whether to schedule a repair or a replacement of your windshield:

Length of damage: If the damaged area is only an inch or two in length, you can probably have the glass repaired instead of getting it completely replaced. On the other hand, damage that spans most of the windshield will result in a windshield replacement being necessary. The epoxy used in repairs will prevent damage from spreading further but it cannot hold together a piece of glass that has almost completely split in two. In addition, lengthy cracks may not repair cleanly and could result in spots where the repair epoxy isn't flat with the surface of the glass. In turn, this can result in slightly distorted images while driving.

Depth of damage:  Chips or pitting from gravel and other small flying objects are typically easy to repair. But for larger chips or pitting caused by larger objects, the repair isn't going to work as well if you don't have the little piece of glass that came out of the relatively tiny crater. If you do happen to have this piece of glass and it didn't get lost while driving, you may be able to have the windshield repaired. But if you have any doubt at all, you may want to save yourself time and hassle by scheduling a windshield replacement instead of trying to get it repaired.

Previous damage: If you regularly have to drive over a dirt road or paved streets where loose gravel is common, you may have had prior damage to your windshield. While a handful of repairs are unlikely to cause any problems, too many repairs can compromise the structural integrity of your windshield. Eventually, your only choice is going to be to pay for a windshield replacement. If you always use the same repair technician or company, they'll be able to tell you when it's safest to replace the windshield instead of continuing to attempt repairs.

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