In-Shop or Mobile Windshield Repair: Four Considerations

Posted on: 24 July 2020

A cracked or chipped windshield means it's time to consider glass replacement. You need to decide whether to take the car in for the fix, or whether to have the repair technician come to you. The following guide can help you make the best decision.

Safety Considerations

Safety is your number one consideration when determining whether or not to opt for mobile glass replacement. If the crack obstructs visibility, then it isn't safe to drive the car to a repair shop so mobile repair is better. Further, if the crack stretches all the way to the edges of the glass, it is more likely to shatter or fall inward in the event of an accident. Only opt for in-shop repair if the crack or chip is small, doesn't obstruct your view, and poses little shatter danger.


It can be difficult to schedule your windshield replacement around your daily responsibilities, such as work and family. Especially since you will be without a car for several hours when the replacement takes place. With a mobile replacement, you can plan to have the work done while you are at the office, that way it won't cut into your other plans. Further, the repair service comes at your convenience, so there is no need to schedule a car drop off or arrange for a ride to pick up your car once it is done.


Time is a major issue when it comes to any car repair. Going without your car for several hours is bad enough, but having to wait at the repair shop or rearrange your day can be devastating to your schedule. Although the replacement doesn't take long, the car can't be driven right away as the glass seals need time to cure. Fortunately, you can arrange for a mobile visit to fit your schedule if waiting isn't an option. If you prefer an in-shop replacement, then look for a service that provides a courtesy car or a courtesy shuttle so that you won't be forced to waste time waiting on your glass replacement to be completed.

Weather Conditions

Never overlook the weather when you are planning a glass replacement. Rainy weather, extreme cold, extreme heat, and high winds can make it difficult or impossible to complete a replacement outside. When it comes to mobile repair, this may not be an issue if you have a heated garage or parking structure where you plan to have the repair completed. Otherwise, it makes more sense to take the car to the heated and protected shop to have the windshield replaced.

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