5 Windshield-Related Terms You Should Know

Posted on: 28 May 2019

If you have a windshield that needs to be repaired, it can be helpful to understand the different terms that a windshield technician uses to discuss installing a new windshield. This can allow you to have a more in-depth and useful conversation with your windshield technician. Here are five important industry-specific terms you should know.

Term #1: Cowl

The term "cowl" refers to the cowl panel. This panel extends along the bottom edge of the glass, between the glass and the hood of your vehicle. This is the piece of material that covers up your windshield wipers and hides the vents or drains that are located underneath your windshield. This piece of your vehicle helps hide the mechanics that are located under your windshield.

Generally, when a new windshield is installed, the cowl panel has to be removed in order for your installation to work out correctly. This piece of your vehicle is designed to be easily removed and put back in place.

Term #2: Tucking

The term "tucking," when used in relation to installing a windshield, refers to when a windshield is installed without removing the cowl on your vehicle. You don't want your windshield installer to engage with tucking when installing the glass on your vehicle. Tucking is not a safe procedure and can result in the windshield not sticking in place correctly.

Term #3: Bead

When your windshield is installed, a variety of different adhesives are used. The term "bead" is usually used in relation to the urethane adhesive. When this adhesive is used, it is placed on the edge of the glass.

Term #4: Decking

If your windshield technician tells you that they just decked the glass on your windshield, they are letting you know that they just put the glass onto your windshield in the final position. This means that the glass has been set onto your windshield with adhesive in the position that it should settle into. Your windshield is in its final position and is in the process of adhering to the adhesive.

Term #5: Exposed-Edge Part

The term "exposed-edge part" is used to talk about any part of the glass that is not protected. This happens when nothing, including molding, is protecting the edge of the glass. When this happens, the technicians usually make every effort to protect the edge of the glass for damage.

The next time you have a new windshield installed, refer to these terms so you can have a more in-depth conversation about the windshield installation process with your windshield repair service technician.